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  • Infared Extrusion Die Oven

    Infared Extrusion Die Oven

    heat time is shorter electricity kw is smaller energy consumption is lower can load multi dies together in one hole

  • electromagnetic induction die oven

    electromagnetic induction die ...

    electromagnetic heating fast heating save energy PLC control display screen show state

  • energy saving extrusion die heating furnace

    energy saving extrusion die he...

    extrusion die heating oven advantage: popular in India fast heating energy saving PLC control Display screen more precise temperature control

  • Extrusion die furnace

    Extrusion die furnace

    Extrusion infrared die furnace advantage: 1, one chamber can hold 6~12 dies 2, good for all kinds of extrusion dies 3, compare traditional die furnace, shorter heating time, smaller power 4, compare induction die furnace,suitable for all sizes of dies

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