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  • Thermal Break Assembly Machine for Aluminum Profile

    Thermal Break Assembly Machine...

    Thermal break assembly machine make thermal break aluminum window, door ,curtain and walls,use PA66 nylon strip to insert in slot of aluminum profiles, which play a part in thermal isolation.

  • PA66 Nylon Strip Assembly Machine in Aluminum Profiles

    PA66 Nylon Strip Assembly Mach...

    PA66 nylon strip play a part in low thermal conductivity,assembly in aluminum profile for aluminum window and door, energy saving product.

  • Thermal Insulation Aluminum Machine

    Thermal Insulation Aluminum Ma...

    Thermal insulation aluminum machine is popular in everywhere of China, Also popular in Europe. Thermal insulation because of Nylon strip low conductivity

  • High Production PA66 GF25% Strip Assembly Machine for Thermal Break

    High Production PA66 GF25% Str...

    High production PA66 GF25% strip assembly machine could produce 10~12 tons of thermal break aluminum profile per 10 hours

  • Polyamide strip feeding machine for thermal insulation

    Polyamide strip feeding machin...

    Polyamide strip feeding machine is used for making thermal insulation aluminum profile, daily capacity is aoround 10~12 tons per day.

  • Thermal break strip inserting machine

    Thermal break strip inserting ...

    Thermal break strip inserting machine could replace manual inserting, speed is around 0~70m/min.

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