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5inch Aluminum Extrusion Bar Casting Machine System
Product Details

Aluminum Bar Casting Mould:


Aluminum Bar Melting Furnace function:

Melting aluminum scrap, rod, ingot, billet , bar etc.


The whole set for making aluminum billet/rod/bar including:

1, hot dross machine , for recycle aluminum dust

2, melting furnace

3, regeneration heating system

4, aluminum bar casting machine system

5, aluminum billet/bar/rod cutting machine

6, casting well

7, cooling tower

8, exhausted water drain system


Launder for bar casting machine system

Melting furnace regeneration heating system:

1, qualifed pipe net configuration, PID control system, professional installation and reasonable training ,make sure good performance

2, qualified air supplying system and guiding configuration, make sure sending out all exhausted air, avoiding exhausted air come out from furnace door to damage door

3, PID control system guarantee work in economic mode during cooling furnace, heat furnace,high temperature

4,PID control system make sure operation is easy, simple and safe, no need to worry about the accident because of mistake

5, full automatic control system has flame monitor system, no need ignition by manual, also will not black workshop

6, reasonable structure design extend use life

7, two burning nozzle work alternatively to avoiding continuous high temperature, reduce ratio of damage burning system

8,combustion air temperature can reach maximum 1000 degrees, reducing melting time

9, high temperature exhausted air recycle to save much energy, can save more 15~30% compare traditional one


lifting system for bar casting machine

Parameters of melting furnace:

Power 380V,50Hz(customized) Loading 5Tons
Melting poor average depth about 600mm maximum temp. 1200 degrees
aluminum liquid maxixum temp. 760 degrees compressed air 0.5m3/min,0.6Mpa
burning capacity 150m3/h(max.) energy consumption less than 90m3/T(continunous production)
melting speed 1~2T/h burning system two burners, work alternatively
PLC Mitsubishi conbustion fan 4kw
furnace door motor 1.5kw power capacity 6kw


Hot dross machine: 15kw


Casting well: dig by customer


5inch Aluminum Extrusion Bar Casting Machine System:

Consist of puller, hydraulic cable, well rack, lifter, steel rope, guiding roller system.

Puller is made of motor, big gear reducer, steel rope, rack etc.

Hydrauclic table is made of hydraulic power pack, tank, turning table, pipe and valves etc.

Hydraulic  table installed besides rack, upper mould is installed on hydraulic table, lower mould is installed lifter rack, during casting, lifter will be puller to low limit, then go to height limit to finish cating through steel rope.


Parameters of hot top casting table:

1, use horizontal thick hot top casting, auto match dummy, no need silicon paper

2, casting speed: 0~250 mm/min, stepless adjusting, with fly-proof system, puller power is 3kw

3, after finishing casting, upper mould can be turned at 89 degrees, hyraulic transmission is stable, easy operation ,safe

4, hydraulic power is 1.5kw


For 5 tons melting furnace, 5inch billet, 6000 length, Well size is 1800*1800mm, casting 24 logs in one time.


Bar casting system

Cooling system for hot to casting table:

1 set of casting water pump: Q=200m3/h, H=25m, P=22kw

1 set of water back pump, Q=150m3/h, H=15m, P=15kw

1 set of glass steel cooling tower: 150m3/h

pipe net system: means pipe and valves for water pump and cooling tower


Billet Sawing Machine:

after finishing casting, end and head of billet is not smooth, need cut smoothly

motor is 18.5kw



Any information need, contact:

Ms Melody Li

Cell:+86 13450531604


Tel/Fax:+86 757 85526263

Add:Tanbian Industry Zone, Dali Town, Foshan City, Guangdong of China.


5inch Aluminum Extrusion Billet Hot Top Casting Table

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