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Full Automatic Hot log shear furnace
Product Details

full automatic hot log shear furnace parameters:

 Dia.  L     Qty Size(m)                    Consumption Power max.temp.
3.5inch 6m 11 logs 15.6*2.2*3.2 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 26kw 580 0C
4inch 6m 11 logs 15.6*2.3*3.2 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 26kw 580 0C
5inch 6m 11 logs 15.6*2.6*3.2 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 26kw 580 0C
6inch 6m 11 logs 15.6*2.9*3.2 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 33kw 580 0C
7inch 6m 11 logs 15.6*3.2*3.4 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 33kw 580 0C
8inch 6m 9 logs 15.6*3.1*3.5 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 40kw 580 0C
9inch 6m 9 logs 15.6*3.3*3.5 NG:20m3/T(billet);          LPG:8m3/T(billet);        Diesel:15kg/T(billet) 40kw 580 0C

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